Prime Bee Corgis

We are a small corgi breeder. We have 2 female corgis and 2 male corgis. We fell in love with the corgi breed because they are super smart, fun and energetic dogs. With their short legs, large “fox ears” and fluffy coat, what’s not to love? If you’re considering a corgi – here’s a great resource to determine if this is the right breed for you.

Aloe & Beasley Litter is HERE and growing. Although they’re already claimed, you can meet the pups and follow along!

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We do not dock tails. If you would like your corgi’s tail docked please get with us prior to the litter being born so we can make arrangements ahead of time. (We will schedule the tail to be docked immediately after birth by our veterinarian) To reserve dogs with docked tails, payment must be made in advance of the litter and the cost of the tail docking will be added to the invoice.

Our corgi puppies are raised inside our home, are highly socialized with humans of various ages and genders as well as and other animals. They go to their new homes with a puppy pack, current vaccinations, and a health check – typically available at 7-8 weeks of age.

We require a nonrefundable deposit of $800 to reserve your selected puppy, we do not hold until deposits are received – this is applied to the total cost of $1600 for the pup upon pickup. Final payment is due at least one week prior to puppy pickup.

Meet the Parents!

Mama Aloe

Our pretty girl, is a sweet, kid-loving, hug-giving, talkative corgi that has made best friends with our backyard ducks (well… the mallard, she chases the female khaki Campbell duck into the water for fun)

She has super-soft, thick fur that we attribute to the many eggs she steals from our ducks. She loves car rides but rather than begging for the window down, she tends to enjoy them curled up in the backseat.

Aloe’s parents were Otis, AKC registered male Red & White and Lottie an unregistered (possibly CKC but not sure) Tri-colored corgi.

Daddy Beasley

Our handsome boy, Beasley is a fun-loving, fit-having (this is what we call his vocal reaction to being “over it”), hard-working bee assistant.

Beasley is an easy-going guy and loves to run, play, and sleep on his back with his feet in the air. Beasley loves car rides and spends them either on the floorboard, in his perch above the toolbox, or with his head out the window.

He’s a nearly 40 pound, dense and muscular corgi. He was the only child of his mother Miel (our Merle corgi) and her boyfriend Elvis (a bluie tri-color with long hair out of Cameron, Texas).

Corgi Family

Mama Ivy

Ivy is our newest mama. The daughter of Aloe and Beasley, we kept her in the family. She’ll have her first litter coming up in 2022 and we’re so excited that this sweet girl will get to pass along some of her goofy and gentle traits. She has proven to be a great big sister and nanny to Aloe and Beasley’s babies and we know she’ll make a great mama dog.

She has super-soft fur, a wagging tail and is a solid red and white. Ivy is a super playful pup who loves meeting new dog friends as well as human friends. She’s talkative and friendly and loves to snuggle.

Ivy’s parents are Beasley and Aloe. The father of her litters will be a stud from another breeder.

Grandma Millie

Miel / Millie

Miel was is our first corgi, she was raised by a breeder in West Texas and were told she was crossed with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi somewhere a few generations before her parents. (we’ve included their photos below) She has had a single puppy – Beasley.

Daddy Cash

Lipstar Ilay Azartniy “Cash” (Andvol Tsvetochek Alenkiy X Andvol Rio-Rita) is a stud with the Hill Country Corgis family and we are thrilled to have him as the sire for Ivy’s litter.

Cash is a full import from Russia, and is red and white. His pedigree is filled with Russian champions on top and on bottom. We are pleased to introduce his Russian bloodlines to the United States. This boy has the sweetest disposition, and he loves to be the center of attention. He has the kindest eyes and the best disposition. He is a true beauty to look at.

Helpful Resources:

Potty training: We use cloth puppy pads and folded towels (I personally avoid plastic-y things) I always suggest temporarily pulling up rugs while you continue to potty train. Here are some potty training resources:

Nutrition – we feed our puppies and parents a variety of foods – we have a base of dry dog food but we supplement with other foods and nutrients. This is what works well for us – it tends to keep the pups apepetitl up as they’re growing and provides something new and interesting for our adult dogs.

  • Purina One Pro Plan Puppy is our basic dry food
  • We make stews with meat, broth, and frozen veggies (typically beef, pork, turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc)
  • We also feed blended eggs (with the shell)
  • Diced, frozen raw meats and veggies (sometimes with bone included)
  • Bones and chews
  • We will occasionally add fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil cottage cheese, and unflavored yogurt, to the food as well

Puppy Shot Schedule – you will need to complete the puppy shot schedule to ensure their health

  • 6-8 weeks (they’ll have their first shots prior to leaving our home)
  • 12 weeks – you’ll need to schedule with your vet
  • 16 weeks (includes rabies) – you’ll need to schedule with your vet
  • Spay & Neuter – this is typically recommended AFTER the first heat cycle for purebred pups in order to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers. Consult with your vet to come up with the best plan for you.

We’ve included some puppy training videos, there are some great YouTube dog trainers that can help you address challenges and train your dog to your preferences. Corgis are herding dogs and love to have jobs and things to do. Corgis love training and will often learn quickly with consistency. We have also included some videos for general puppy training as well as to address more common corgi challenge traits.

Meet our previous litters:

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