Learn With Us

Come meet our friendly beekeepers Justin and Ashley.

We promise to deliver a fun and engaging presentation. As part of the Texas Master Beekeeping Program we are committed to providing up to date info and are constantly learning. We believe that if you understand the honey bee you can better manage your colonies and help provide a better environment for all pollinators.

Come check out our classes, we’d love to see you! Order the classes in our Online Store.

Bee Farm Party Tours – We offer 2 hour tours of our bee farm. This includes hands on experience and learning. These are typically done Saturday mornings but private tours can be set up upon request. We only call it a party tour because it sounds more fun but basically, it’s an opportunity to explore the world of beekeeping without too much technical jargon ๐Ÿ˜‰

New-bee Training Session – This is a basic, approachable, Introduction to Beekeeping course that outlines the principles of beekeeping, bee equipment, bee behaviors, honey bee classification, honeybee biology, and basic pest management. This course is typically done inside, not in the field but it does include additional resources and learning tools to help explain the basics of beekeeping. This is great for people who have already handled bees and want to learn more.

Hive Inspection Hands On Extravaganzaย – We’ll teach you what to look for when doing a hive inspection. We’ll teach you how to find a queen and how to identify the problems and successes of beehives. These tours can be done at our bee yard or at yours depending on location.

For questions not answered here or for further inquiries, please fill out the form below.

We also offerย Beekeeping Presentations for private groups, bee clubs, garden clubs, 4H, and special events. These are booked in advance and have limited availability but we absolutely love helping people understand bees more fully so please reach out to us if this is something you’d like.

Also, our mentorship programs are available for people looking to become beekeepers that want more hands-on help.

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