Literary Litter

Born September 5, 2021

Our newest litter of little corgi nuggets

What happens next?

  1. We’ll update the puppy profiles online
  2. We’ll reach out to the waiting list in waves, with a link to the site to view the profiles and select a pup.
  3. We’ll accept payments via Venmo or PayPal – as a reminder, the $700 deposit is non-refundable once a pup is selected. You can pay deposit only or the full amount of $1400. The entire amount is due no later than Oct 1.
  4. We’ll continue to update the profiles as these babies grow (please be patient as we typically update once per week with several photos for each pup and videos of the litter) – we’ll update with observations as they turn into their corgi selves.

Puppies will be ready for their homes October 21-Nov 2 (we let the puppies tell us when they’re ready and will keep you posted. We’ve had litters ready as early as 6-6.5 weeks and as late as 8-9 weeks depending on their independence)

If you’re curious about our litter, want to learn about dog training and corgis ahead of getting your puppy (highly recommended as corgis are energetic, fun, and slightly crazy pups when they’re not in loaf mode.) Check out more about our litters here.

Sept 22 Update: We’re starting to see the pups play and get more vocal! They chew on each others paws and faces, snuggle, and are getting a tiny bit more coordinated every day. They love to be picked up and snuggled and all of them enjoy sleeping on their backs πŸ™‚ If you’re following along for your pup – scroll down to their section and feel free to save or download the videos as they get posted for your own memories. We’re looking forward to sharing specific updates for each pup as they grow.
Sept 21 Update: The babies are starting to slowly open their eyes. They also react more calmly when picked up and held by us (rather than wanting to sniff out food) They snuggle with each other, sleep on their backs, and are looking a little extra floofy. They’re all gaining healthy weight and growing nicely. We’ll be updating the site to include more photos of each pup so stay tuned.
Sept 12 Update: The babies are gaining weight as expected and getting bigger every day. Fun fact: the 1 week old puppies cannot hear or see yet. They’re all so sweet and cuddly, spending most of their time climbing over each other to get to mom the fastest and getting in a ton of sleeping. Mama Aloe spends most of the day nearby watching over them while they sleep, feeding them, and snuggling up with them. We can’t wait to keep sharing more as these babies grow! Watching them all sleep on their backs and halfway toppled over their siblings, it’s pretty obvious they feel safe and snug.
Sept 6 Update: Babies arrived mid-day yesterday and are warm, cozy, and healthy! There are 5 puppies – 4 tri-color and 1 red & white. 3 girls and 2 boys. Mama Aloe is doing great and tending to them 99% of the time – she goes outside to potty and quickly returns to snuggle with her pups. We’ll record their weight and markings – note that markings can/do change as they age a bit.

Haruki (CLAIMED)

Physical Description: Male, Tri-Color: Red & black face, he’s a chunky, teddy bear looking corgi, white belly, 4 white socks, white tip on his tail. birth weight .34lbs

Sept 22: Haruki is a big bear of a pup. He is a calm guy and loves to be snuggled. He gives sweet nuzzles and kisses to us and his siblings. I expect he will have a pretty red face as he gets older (usually shows up more prominately around 8 weeks) and his black fur has a little lighter / brown undertones. This guy reminds me of his dad.

Marlowe (PENDING)

Physical Description: Female, Tri-color with 3/4 collar with arrow pattern pointing towards head, white belly, 2 front knee-high white socks and 2 back white toes – birth weight .33lbs

Sept 22: Marlowe is such a sweet girl – she is calm when petted or picked up. She loves to snuggle with her siblings and has opposite nose markings from her brother Holden. Her arrow shaped collar is super cute and she is a huge fan of naptime.


Physical Description: Female, Tri-color with 3/4 collar, white belly, 2 front knee-high white socks and 2 back white toes – birth weight .33lbs

Sept 22: Arya is often caught napping on her back and never misses a snacktime. She enjoys being held by her human caregivers as well as snuggling up with her mom and siblings. She falls asleep wherever she lands and seems to always find a cuddle buddy.

Holden (CLAIMED)

Physical Description: Male, Tri-color brown eyebrows, white spot on nose, white half collar with wishbone pattern, white socks and tip of tail – birth weight .29lbs

Sept 22: Holden is comfortable at the bottom of the dog pile. He often passes out mid-snack and gives sweet kisses when snuggled. We’ve caught him monching on his siblings feet and faces as he learns to play and navigate.

Wilder (CLAIMED)

Physical Description: Female, Red & White with thin full white collar, small white spot on forehead, white socks and tip of tail – birth weight .27lbs

Sept 22: Wilder is always cozy. She seems unphased when picked up and often melts in our hands as we scoop her up for some pets. She absolutely loves belly rubs and enjoys smothering and being smothered by her mom and siblings – she’s a snuggler.