Aloe & Beasley’s Stormy Litter

Aloe had 7 puppies on March 21 & 22, 2022 just as the almost tornado hit Bryan / College Station. She had her first at 10:40 pm and was in labor throughout the night. We named this litter with the chaotic weather in mind, meet our Stormy (Weather) Litter.

This litter has been an absolute joy. We have had our hands full with the two litters back to back (our first time for that) but it’s been so much fun watching Aloe and her daughter Ivy mother their babies.

You can check out Ivy’s Litter Here to see their updates, availability, and photos as well.

The pups all have such sweet and gentle personalities (so far) and they’re just beginning to enter their rambunctious phase. Exploring, playing, and climbing around. The babies have been enjoying the weather during their outside playtime and are a fan of outdoor naps as well. This was our largest litter ever and we found that they took more time and attention so our updates were fewer and further between, however, we’ve absolutely loved getting to know these little corgi pups.

Pups will be available for their forever homes after May 25.

Cozy little puppy loafs 🥰

Available – Bolt, Male, Red & White

This handsome guy is cool, calm, and collected. Named for the lightning bolt shape on his face, Bolt is a male red & white corgi with a zig zag collar on his neck and one across the nose to match.

AVAILABLE – Storm, Female Tri-color

This sweet little snuggle pup enjoys playing with her siblings and laying on her back. Female tri-color corgi with a swirly collar on her neck, a white stripe on her nose and faint brown “eyebrows”.

AVAILABLE: Radar, Male Red & White

Meet Radar, a male, red & white corgi with white socks, cute white chin, and a dual colored nose. He has a vertical line on the back of his neck as well as a stripe on his tummy.

AVAILABLE – Meet Rainy, Female Tri-color

A playful and sweet pup, rainy is Female tri-colored corgi with white socks, white chin and chest, and faint eyebrows. Small dot on the back of her neck.


AVAILABLE – Lokni, Male Red & White

Lokni (means “Rain Falls Through The Roof” in Native American Miwok) Male Red and White (or possibly Sable – he’s got darker fur around his face and under his jaw. Often times the darker coloration fades over time and the red becomes more prominent but it’s hard to know for sure) White spot patch on the back of his neck.

AVAILABLE – Indra, female Tri-color’

Meet Indra! (means, droplets of rain) Tri-colored female corgi with white socks, white mouth, and red cheeks. She has a half collar with an arrow-like shape on the back of her neck. This sweet and pretty girl enjoys naps, snuggle times, and playing with her siblings.

AVAILABLE – Kelani, Female, Tri-color

Meet Kelani! (means sky) The tiniest corgi of the litter (although only time will tell her adult size) she has a full collar with a pointy tip on the back of her neck, red cheeks, a white chest, and a freckled nose. Her tail naturally curls in the cutest way.