Learn from the comfort of your home!

We’ll teach you all the basics that will help you keep happy, healthy bees as you begin your beekeeping journey.

Our classes integrate practical advice and experience along with bee biology, scientific research, and bee facts that will help you be a better beekeeper. Join us

Lessons Include:
  • Apiary Set Up
  • Protective Equipment
  • Installing A Nuc
  • What’s In A Hive
  • Beekeeper Year: Managing Bees Through the Seasons
  • Bee Genetics & Races
  • Bee Lifecycle
  • Bee Anatomy
  • Bee Behavior
  • Hive Inspection Basics
  • Managing Hive Space
  • Integrated Pest Management & Treatments
  • Bee Nutrition & Feeding
  • Preparing for Winter
  • Producing Honey
  • Queen Management
  • Making Splits
  • Rendering Wax
  • Cosmetic & Household Products
  • Creamed & Infused Honey
  • Superorganism
  • Swarm Capture
Course Information:
  • On-Demand Courses – including slides, images and videos
  • Timed Access with a new section every 10 days
  • Downloadable materials
  • Access granted to course for 1 year

“Thank you for putting this information together so concisely! I learned so much in such a short amount of time! After working with my bees I even went back to the videos and learned more from watching again – thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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1 hour lesson, 2 hour lesson


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Proper Care.

To properly care for your accessories, ensure you store them in a clean and dry place, clean them regularly with appropriate methods and materials, and handle them with care to prevent any unnecessary damage.