Candy Corgis February 2021

Welcome! We’ve named these sweet babies as a sweets / candy litter to make it a little more fun and easier to tell us which pup you’d like to reserve. We’ll continue to update this page with their photos as they grow up as well as videos so feel free to peruse.

We had 4 females and a male this litter! They’re all super sweet and great eaters 🙂 There is one female tri-color and the rest are red & white. All of them are perfect! 😉

Puppies will be available for pick up after March 30, 2021. For more details about how our process works, check out our corgi main page.

Almond – Female – Solid Red 👇🏼

3/14 Personality Notes: This little girl has the sweetest and calmest personality of the litter! She’s slightly bothered when left alone but is also the first to settle in and take a nap.

3/28 Personality Notes: Still the smallest of the crew, she loves to nap outside, play with her siblings, chase her mom, and explore her surroundings. She’s got a sweet and calming personality but can hang with the crazy crew just as well.

Mint – Female – Tricolor 👇🏼

3/14 Personality Notes: Mint is a sweet and snuggly little explorer and loves to snuggle up in tight places. She’s still learning how to get back to her crew once she strays 🤣

3/28 Personality Notes: She loves leading the pack outside after naptime and enjoys running, exploring, and trying to get the big dogs to play with her. She loves to snuggle up with people or her siblings.

Leeloo/Creme – Female – Red & White 👇🏼

3/14 Personality Notes: A combination of cool and playful, this little girl is content with whatever is happening around her. She’s beginning to get over the playpen… we’ll see if she’s the first to bust out 😬

3/28 Personality Notes: Leeloo is our “Miss Independent” of the group – she doesn’t mind exploring on her own and often ends up in an opposite nap schedule than the rest of the crew. She will climb out (and back into) her kennel whenever she feels like it. This cute little lady is content in whatever circumstance – she’ll play hard and chill.

Hershey/Peanut – Male – Red & White 👇🏼

3/14 Personality Notes: Hershey is a big meatloaf of a guy – he loves snuggles with his siblings and humans. He’s holding his own with his playful sisters and was the first to discover the extra toys in the playpen 🧸

3/28 Personality Notes: Hershey is the biggest little guy and growing! He loves to be outside and he thinks his mom is the coolest – he is constantly pouncing and playing with mom. He has found his grimlin voice (the low corgi growl that we call “fitting”) and loves to use it! When he enters play mode, it’s hilarious to listen to him chat it up.

Reese – Female – Red & White 👇🏼

3/14 Personality Notes: Our independent woman, this girl loves to explore and loves watching and observing the world around her. She is playful and sweet, the bravest of the litter so far 💕

3/28 Personality Notes: Her ears are starting to slowly stand up (she’s the first and only so far). She can escape our puppy pen (it’s not super high) and is often found begging the big dogs to play with her. She loves to be outside and really enjoys being around people.