Hive Inspections

We offer two hive inspection services. We will inspect your backyard hive for you and identify problems you are facing.

Instructional Services we provide will teach you what to look for when doing a hive inspection. These classes can be done at our bee yard or at yours! Obviously, we think this is a much smarter way to go – we want you to be able to keep your bees confidently and learn more about them so you’re comfortable identifying problems and solutions.

We’ll discuss the following hive inspection topics:

  • Identifying products of the hive
  • How to find the queen
  • Looking for disease or problems within the hive
  • Identifying worker bees and drones
  • Discussing life cycles of the honey bees (from egg, to larva, to pupa, to bee)
  • Bee tools – identifying, naming and how to use them
  • Lighting a smoker
  • Hive maintenance
  • Identifying forage for the bees


Cost – $50 inspection services – $75 for instructional inspections