Category: Instructionals

These are slightly more detailed collection of articles with specific instructions on how to do things around the apiary.

Queen Rearing – Cloake Board

Queen rearing is a great skill for a beekeeper to master – learning to produce your own queens can save you lots of money as well as provide for hives when they need you. Queen breeding can allow you to better control of the… Continue Reading “Queen Rearing – Cloake Board”

Bee Bearding – The Beekeeper’s Stunt

Here are a few safety tips for bee beards as well as some video of the bee beard itself.

Bee Repellants

Beekeepers can use bee repellants to accomplish goals in bee removal or honey extraction. Knowing your tools can make life in the apiary a bit easier.

Urban & Backyard Beekeeping

Here are some simple tips to managing your bees hive in urban and backyard areas.

Top Bar Hive – Rescue Bar

Using a rescue bar to start off your top bar hive can go a long way in helping the bees make a new home.