Category: Instructionals

These are slightly more detailed collection of articles with specific instructions on how to do things around the apiary.

Encaustic Painting

3 simple steps to encaustic painting.

Bee Attractants

Whether you want to attract bees to your garden to help pollinate, or you would like to attract a new hive of bees to live in your managed apiary, there are several things you can do to try and get the bees where you want them.

Suggested Reading For Beekeepers

As a beekeeper (beginning, intermediate or experienced) it’s important to keep learning and keep an open mind. It’s important for beekeepers to have good thought and reason behind their decision making and regardless of whether that’s a natural beekeeping, treatment free, or responsible use… Continue Reading “Suggested Reading For Beekeepers”

Is It Real? Honey Testing

Do these home tests to determine if it’s real, pure honey, work?

7 Tips for Baking With Honey

If you’re considering baking with honey, these 7 tips will help you do it right!