Category: Bee Pests & Diseases

Exploring the many possible diseases and pests within the honey bee colony, we share what we’ve learned and how we manage these pests in our apiary.

Deformed Wing Virus

Deformed Wing Virus - Honey Bee

Even though DWV is incurable, beekeepers can deploy preventative measures – learning to recognize the virus and best management practices can help your colony recover.

Hive Maintenance – Sanitation

Sanitation in your apiary aids in the biosecurity of the hive and promotes overall health for your honey bee friends.

Black Queen Cell Virus

Black Queen Cell Virus is a viral honey bee’s disease that mainly infects the queen bee larvae.

Colony Collapse

Beekeepers should watch out for some signs of colony collapse disorder. The following signs are evident in hives affected by colony collapse disorder:

Monoculture and The Honey Bee

Protecting pollinators through more sustainable farming practices.