Honey in Skincare

We are working on our honey-based skincare products to add to our shop. As we read and discover all of the natural remedies for age old skin conditions and problems, honey is a consistent staple.

Honey has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties and is therefore perfect for cleaning your skin and killing skin infections like acne. Honey is naturally hydrating and anti-inflammatory for the skin and offers a great way to enhance some other great skincare oils, exfoliants, and soaps.

You can use honey as a DIY face mask by using it alone or adding in any of these ingredients:

  • Balancing – add lavender oil or flowers to your honey for a face calming treatment
  • Moisturizing – add avocado to your honey to enhance the moisturizing properties and give your skin a hydrating boost
  • Clarifying – add patchouli to clean and clarify your skin
  • Nourishing – add oatmeal for a natural, gentle exfoliant and has great anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties

These are just a few ways to enhance your skin and use your honey in your home. Do you have any great recipes? We’d love to hear what works well for you – let us know!

Also, check out our skincare products in our store if you’d rather have it pre-made and ready to go!

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