Category: Conference & Expert Talk Reviews

This is our interpretation from some of our favorite beekeeping experts as well as the conferences we’ve attended. This is an opinion place and like most opinions, they’ve been derived from the facts and opinions of others and tailored to best fit our approach to beekeeping.

Monoculture and The Honey Bee

Protecting pollinators through more sustainable farming practices.

Artificial Insemination 

Sue Cobey performing an artificial insemination at the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab during the queen rearing workshop.

Classroom Presentations

We offer interactive presentations for all ages and like to tailor the presentations to the group as much as possible. Although we prefer small groups so that we can do more hands-on learning with an observation hive (a sting-free bee experience), games and activities,… Continue Reading “Classroom Presentations”

Texas Summer Clinic – 2016

Overall, we met a bunch of new beekeepers, experienced beekeepers, and a took a lot of notes – we’ll be trying out some of the things we learned about natural beekeeping on our hives soon and writing new articles for your use!