Category: Conference & Expert Talk Reviews

This is our interpretation from some of our favorite beekeeping experts as well as the conferences we’ve attended. This is an opinion place and like most opinions, they’ve been derived from the facts and opinions of others and tailored to best fit our approach to beekeeping.

TBA Delegates Meeting

We had a great turnout at this year’s Delegates Meeting hosted in Conroe, Texas. There were so many things discussed and in an effort to convey what was accomplished by TBA and Local Club Leaders, here’s a quick summary of the day.

Master Beekeeping Program

We finished our first year in the Master Beekeeping Program and I figured I would write about it to help anybody else who may be going through the program. 

Queen Rearing Workshop With Sue Cobey

An experience at Texas A&M’s Honey Bee Lab Queen Rearing Workshop in 2017 in review.

Bee Bearding – The Beekeeper’s Stunt

Here are a few safety tips for bee beards as well as some video of the bee beard itself.

Swarm Capture – Catching and Keeping

How to capture swarms and keep them alive. Texas Beekeeper Association presentation from the 2017 Summer Clinic.