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We offer interactive presentations for all ages and like to tailor the presentations to the group as much as possible. Although we prefer small groups so that we can do more hands-on learning with an observation hive (a sting-free bee experience), games and activities, we can and often do larger audience presentations for schools.

Live Bee Removal

Check out our full presentation list and contact us to schedule a time to meet virtually or in person! We have topics ranging from

  • Steps anyone can take to “save the bees”
  • The importance of bees and other native pollinators in food production
  • The biology and anatomy of bees (age appropriate)
  • The history and importance of beekeeping
  • The honey bee life cycle and roles within the hive
  • General education to encourage a healthy and safe respect for bees

Depending on the time, group size, and age, we can also bring the following experiences to meet educational standards.

  • Observation hive – a live, sting-free bee experience
  • Microscopes with slides
  • An interactive game about the roles bees play within their hive
  • “See Like a Bee” experience – how bees
  • Bee related arts and crafts

As part of the Texas Master Beekeeper program and an active member in the Texas Beekeepers Association, American Beekeeping Federation, and the local Brazos Valley Beekeepers, we pride ourselves on continuing my own education. This results in fresh, up to date information as well as a continuation of improvement in our presentations year over year.

Although this is a more formal explanation of our courses, we pride ourselves on providing a FUN and high energy, interactive experience. Does this sound like something that would work for your groups?

Presentation List

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