Swarm Capture – Catching and Keeping

We worked with Company Bee – Bee Removals to teach a class on catching and keeping swarms at the Texas Beekeeping Association. The presentation, unfortunately, had technical difficulties but the information is still there and hopefully this video will make up for the lack of videos in the presentation 🙂

It was important to us to include how to keep bees alive in the presentation and discussion. As Steve Butler says, “if you’re going to spend time rescuing bees, make sure you can keep them alive.” Our apiary is full of rescued, feral hives as part of our desire to have survival stock of honey bees. These bees are monitored to make sure they’ve got good survival traits and are re-queened if they don’t. Our goal is to use few to no treatments if possible through an Integrated Pest Management process.

Here’s a link to the Catching and Keeping Swarms presentation for your use.

Honking Goose Media is some of the best bee videography out there – Stan Gore is a fan of open source education and all his videos are public domain so feel free to share and watch at your leisure.

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