Category: Prime Bees Outreach

This section includes information on classes, presentations, and outreach programs we’ve participated in.

Shadowing a Commercial Beekeeper

In the middle of January, commercial beekeepers around the nation begin loading up their bees and making the trek to California before the almonds start to bloom. This journey takes a lot of preparation and hard work. We were given the opportunity to shadow… Continue Reading “Shadowing a Commercial Beekeeper”

Brazos County Bee Removal

Finding a swarm can be a great way to begin beekeeping, but ask these questions first!

Educational Programs

As we focus on commercial beekeeping, we think it is equally important to give back to the beekeeping community as well as the general population by encouraging knowledge about bees and sustainability.

Farm Tours

We offer 2-hour tours of our bee farm. This includes hands-on experience and learning. We call it a party tour because it sounds more fun but, simply put, it’s an opportunity to explore the world of beekeeping without too much technical jargon. This is… Continue Reading “Farm Tours”

Beekeeping Classes

We offer a variety of different class levels from new bee classes to intermediate classes. If you’re thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. The class… Continue Reading “Beekeeping Classes”