Gearing Up For a New Year

Setting goals in beekeeping isn’t always as straight forward as setting goals for yourself in other aspects of your life. There are a lot of variables you just can’t control. However, as we gear up for 2020, we hope to grow our apiary, continue to work closely with farmers to pollinate plants and add additional pollination stops for our bees, and further our education.

We have been so lucky to have made the connections we’ve made with amazing beekeepers, scientists, and farmers.

The future of beekeeping and farming is to work more closely together in order to achieve the greatest common good. We’ve seen such good work done on this by organizations such as Project Apis M. and with individuals coming together to talk through issues and reach solutions. There’s a great deal of trust when we send our bees to a farmer’s property. They need the bees and the bees need the nutrition from these plants. While there’s so much room for improvement, we’ve seen farmer’s being more thoughtful of bees than ever before. From thoughtfully avoiding harmful chemicals to using chemicals at appropriate times (when the bees are not actively pollinating), farmer’s are making the interest of bees a priority.

I’m hopeful and anxious to see where this synergistic movement takes us. From regenerative agriculture to genetic resistance in honey bees, I look forward to a future filled with less synthetic chemicals and even more thoughtfulness by farmers, beekeepers, and consumers.

I guess we’ll see how it all shakes out, eventually!

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