Real Texas Honey

We decided to participate in the Texas Beekeepers Association, Real Texas Honey program in order to continue to promote locally sourced, raw and natural honey. This initiative is focused on verifying real beekeepers who make real honey, here, in Texas.

As participants, we had to apply and be accepted. They checked references and then we are given Real Texas Honey silver seals to place on our bottles of honey. The seals are beautiful, but the products it represents are so important. Selling honey in grocery stores often requires a blend of honey for many reasons – cost, logistics, consistency of flavor.

Real, raw, and unheated honey takes energy, time, and resources from the beekeeper – it’s seasonal, changing in flavor with the blooms, lightly filtered to maintain the beneficial pollen, and unheated to maintain the beneficial enzymes.

As more and more studies reveal adulterated honey, we are so excited to be a part of the program and help promote Real Texas Honey throughout the state of Texas.


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