Tips for Moving Bees

We were recently asked for a few tips on relocating bees in their hives to a new locations. You may need to move them to a new yard, relocate them to a different property, load bees up for pollination, or removing them from a property.

Here are some “best practices” for moving bees:

  • Try to load and move the bees at night
  • Avoid bright lights (you can use red lights but flashlights will attract bees)
  • Secure the hive, especially if it’s multiple boxes (you can use ratchet straps if needed)
  • You can also use hardware cloth across the entrance to keep the bees from escaping but allow air flow
  • On warm /  hot days – keep moving. The airflow keeps the bees from overheating since they are trapped inside.
  • Move the bees quickly – don’t make unnecessary stops and get them where they’re going ASAP

When we move bees for pollination, we do not secure each entrance, but if they’re traveling further distances, we use a bee net to keep the bees on the truck. For long trips, bees require water breaks and you have to make sure to stop in shady areas.

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