Is It Real? Honey Testing

I need to try some of these methods, but I was doing some internet research to see if there’s a way to test store-bought honey to see if it’s real, pure honey or fake, funny honey. Here’s what I found… I’d like your thoughts and experience in determining the quality and makeup of honey without lab testing so please leave your comments below!

Be prepared for a follow-up post as I explore these honey tests! These home methods remind me of “old wives tales” – do you know if they work?

The thumb test

This is the simplest method of determining whether honey is pure or not pure. You can use the following procedure:

  • Put a drop of the honey on your thumb finger
  • Carefully observe if it spreads around easily
  • If it does then it is not pure. Pure honey does not spill it stays intact on your thumb

The water test

This is yet another test you can carry out right at home to judge honey. Here is the procedure:

  • Get a clean glass and fill it with water
  • Add a tablespoon of honey into the water
  • If the honey dissolves in the water and it is seen around the water then it is not pure honey. Pure honey will settle right at the bottom of the glass. 

The flame test

Did you know that pure organic honey is flammable? The flame test is a great way to determine whether honey is pure organic or fake honey. Here is how:

  • Take an unused matchstick from a matchbox
  • Dip the matchstick’s tip into the honey
  • Strike the matchstick as if to light it on the matchbox
  • If the stick lights with ease, then the honey is pure. Pure honey does not prevent the stick from lighting and the flame will continue burning.
  • If the honey is impure, the matchstick will not light because there is moisture in the honey. 

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