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  • Honey Bee Varieties

    Honey Bee Varieties

    Learning about the different honey bee varieties can help you better understand bees and what bees will work for your environment.

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  • Bee Behavior – Fanning

    Bee Behavior – Fanning

    Fanning isn’t just used as a homing signal the forager bees back home, it is also used to regulate the temperature inside the hive by circulating air through the hive.…

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  • Wasps, Carpenter, Bumbles and Honey Bees

    Wasps, Carpenter, Bumbles and Honey Bees

    So this seems obvious, but we meet people all the time that can’t tell the difference between wasps, honeybees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees – we can’t totally blame them…

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  • The Superorganism

    The Superorganism

    Bees are inspiring creatures. They create their own food through foraging without damaging the plant they feed from. They do not waste anything – putting the wax, propolis, pollen, water,…

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  • Rotating Comb

    Rotating Comb

    Rotating comb for a healthier bee colony is a natural beekeeping technique that encourages better pattern in egg laying, better egg and honey production and a reduction of diseases by…

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