• How To Store Empty Supers

    Why can't you just leave unused honeycomb in your garage or shop for the winter? We'll tell you all about it.

  • Wasps, Carpenter, Bumbles and Honey Bees

    So this seems obvious, but we meet people all the time that can't tell the difference between wasps, honeybees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees - we can't totally blame them as they have just enough similarities to make it confusing.…

  • Apiary Lingo – Types of Beehives

    Among the man-made hives, there are many types. Langstroth, Warre and top bar hive are the commonly used. Let us delve into the specifics of these hives.

  • Texas Summer Clinic – 2016

    Overall, we met a bunch of new beekeepers, experienced beekeepers, and a took a lot of notes - we'll be trying out some of the things we learned about natural beekeeping on our hives soon and writing new articles for…

  • Rotating Comb

    Rotating comb for a healthier bee colony is a natural beekeeping technique that encourages better pattern in egg laying, better egg and honey production and a reduction of diseases by removing old and possibly contaminated comb.