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Top Bar Hive – Rescue Bar

Using a rescue bar to start off your top bar hive can go a long way in helping the bees make a new home. 

Swarm Capture – Catching and Keeping

How to capture swarms and keep them alive. Texas Beekeeper Association presentation from the 2017 Summer Clinic.

Live Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal

We partner with professionals with construction experience to perform live bee removals in the Bryan/College Station area. Why is the construction experience important? Bees build their hives anywhere – in walls, attics, in gaps between bricks. Construction knowledge helps when you start deconstructing a home to… Continue Reading “Live Bee Removal”

Honeybee Hive Relocation & Bee Breeds

We love getting feral hives and swarms brought to our bee yard. Although there are varying philosophies on types of bees and breeds, we believe that a diversified bee population is our best bet to get healthy, survivor bees. I’ve always been a fan of… Continue Reading “Honeybee Hive Relocation & Bee Breeds”