Available for late April/Early May pickup, get your texas spring nucs live bees here. Order your bees today to reserve your Spring bees right away. We will reach out to schedule a time that works for you closer to pickup dates. Our live bee nucleus colonies are ready for pickup from our Texas bee farm.

Simply put, you’re going to get:

  • 5 frames of brood, resources, and bees
    • 2+ frames of brood
    • 5th frame is for the bees “to build on” and may not be fully drawn
    • Texas-raised queen bee
  • 2024 Texas Raised Queen – Earnie Welch queen openly mated by Prime Bees.
  • 30-day guaranty
  • Select the pickup location convenient to you or upgrade for professional installation

You’ll receive an email after placing your order to give you access to our online beginner course – we highly recommend every customer complete this course despite existing knowledge and classes – the videos are quick and easy to understand in addition to our support materials.

Welcome to Prime Bees: Your Source for Texas Spring Nucs:

Prepare your apiary for a flourishing spring with our high-quality nucleus colonies. Enjoy the highest quality queens, meticulously inspected colonies and ensured quality with our Prime Bees guarantee. Get a robust start to the season with Prime Bees.

Why Choose Our Texas Spring Nucs Live Bees:

Our bees are Texas-raised and selected for productivity, health, and temperament. Our nucleus colonies are nurtured to ensure strong, especially healthy bee colonies are ready for you. Get access to a free, online course with your nuc purchase and ongoing support from our professional beekeepers. We’re happy to help our clients as you learn and grow in your apiary. Get the highest quality nucs in addition to the support of our team.

Nucs Tailored for Central Texas:

Choose nucs especially selected to thrive in our area with productivity, health, and a great personality! Get a head start towards a successful and productive beekeeping season with bees raised and bred in Texas. Get the best, highly selected stock and queens from our queen breeding partner, Earnie Welch’s gentle queens.

Compare and Choose the Best:

We understand the overall importance of making the best decision before purchasing your bees. Compare our nucleus colonies with competitors to see why our live bee nucs are the preferred choice for Central Texas beekeepers. We offer an unmatched guarantee on our bees and want to ensure your apiary’s success.

Secure Your Springtime Buzz:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to kickstart your beekeeping season with our robust nucleus colonies. Place your order soon and experience the difference of Prime Bees’ live bee nucleus colonies – Texas style!

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2024 Spring Deep Langstroth Nuc Sales

Enjoy the highest quality of bees – selected for productivity, health, and temperament. Prime Bees beekeepers are here to help you get started, learn beekeeping skills, and keep your bees healthy.

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