Available for late April / Early May pickup. Order your bees today to reserve your Spring bees for 2024.

Our top bar colonies are fully treatment free.

Simply put, you’re going to get:

  • 5 frames of brood, resources, and bees (defined below)
    • 2+ frames of brood
    • 5th frame is for the bees “to build on” so it may not be fully drawn
  • 2024 Texas Raised Queen
    • We focus on health, varroa-sensitive hygienic behavior, temperament, and productivity with our queen selection. We have brought in breeder queens from known VSH and treatment-free queens as well as those selected for temperament and overall productivity.
    • Unmarked queen bee (unless upgraded to marked)
  • 60-day guaranty
    • We check, double-check, and triple-check our nuc boxes before sending them out, however, we’re human and things happen. We back our product and want to give you the best possible start in beekeeping. We’re happy to
  • Packaged in a ready to travel “EZ Nuc” box

Our bees are Texas-raised and selected for productivity, health, and temperament.

Additional information

Pickup Location

College Station, San Marcos, Professional Installation


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2024 Spring Top Bar Nucleus Colony

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