About Us

Located in the heart of Texas, in College Station, our bees are surrounded by agricultural and wild land for foraging, natural water sources, and a whole lot of Aggie fans.

We have a dream to promote growth and sustainability for bees in Texas. We’ve both had a soft spot for all things natural and feel that, through beekeeping, we can contribute to the environment and the great state of Texas.

By providing quality, diversified, strong bees, we hope to help keep these pollinators growing in population and surviving the many threats that they face. We believe that strengthening our bees will help promote local bees in Aggieland and will also give our customers “prime bees” to keep in their hives.

Texas beekeeping is filled with knowledgeable beekeepers and we enjoy the resources around us – we are active members of the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF), Texas Beekeeping Association (TBA), Brazos Valley Beekeeping Associations (BVBeeks), and Central Texas Beekeepers Association in order to continue learning from our peers. This, along with constantly logging hours at Youtube University 😉