About Prime Bees and Aggieland Honey

Located in the heart of Texas, in College Station, our bees are surrounded by agricultural and wild land for foraging, natural water sources, and a whole lot of Aggie fans.

We have a dream to promote growth and sustainability for bees in Texas. We’ve both had a soft spot for all things natural and feel that, through beekeeping, we can contribute to the environment and the great state of Texas.

By providing quality, diversified, strong bees, we hope to help keep these pollinators growing in population and surviving the many threats that they face. We believe that strengthening our bees will help promote local bees in Aggieland and will also give our customers “prime bees” to keep in their hives.

Our company started shortly after we bought our first package of bees. After we preordered a single package, we quickly realized we should have ordered more, found another place to buy bees and then filled our apiary with survivor stock of strong honey bee colonies that were being removed from structures throughout the area. Our quest to become beekeepers escalated quickly – we grew rapidly from 1 to 200 hives by rehoming rescued bees to our College Station apiary. These bees were being evicted by home and land owners and were placed in yards where they were cared for, rehabilitated, and given plenty of land to forage, pollinate plants and produce delicious honey. Since then we continue to grow our bee farm with a focus on a sustainable apiary.

Aggieland Honey™ is unheated, raw, natural, lightly filtered, 100% Real Texas Honey. We use a filter in order to remove large wax particles but strive to maintain the flavor and purity of our honey. Because of this, our honey is packed full of native pollens and retains all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients that make honey great, but you may also occasionally find small wax particles, large pollen pieces and a flavor that changes with the seasons based on the flowers our bees have found to bring back for us to share with you.

We met in College Station and attended Texas A&M when selecting a name for our honey, we fell back on our love for our community. Aggieland has become our home and Aggieland Honey™ just made sense. Our honey is made from nectar and pollen collected by our bees, harvested, extracted and bottled in Bryan / College Station by us.

Texas beekeeping is filled with knowledgeable beekeepers and we enjoy the resources around us – we are active members of the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF), Texas Beekeeping Association (TBA), Brazos Valley Beekeeping Associations (BVBeeks), and Central Texas Beekeepers Association in order to continue learning from our peers. This, along with constantly logging hours at Youtube University 😉