Mentor Programs

We offer one-on-one beekeeper training for people in the Bryan/College Station area. This mentoring covers topics such as hive inspections, pest management with an emphasis on integrated pest management and chemical free beekeeping.

We enjoy discussing a wide variety of topics including (but of course not limited to) products of the hive, apiculture, bee behavior, hive removals,  apiary management, bee

We welcome different opinions and are constantly filtering through a ton of information available on bee keeping. We get our information from fellow beekeepers, an absolutely ridiculous amount of books, YouTube (yes, I’m serious), social media networking, scientific papers, Bee Culture, American Bee Journal, and share with you not only our practices, but the practices of others so that you can decide the best method of beekeeping for you. We want you to be able to “think for yourself” when we finish our mentorship programs although we are always available to answer questions or think through problems with you.

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