Agricultural Exemption Hive Services

We offer 3 different types of hive programs. Contact us for more information.

1. Keeping bees on your property. 20+ acre tracts. His requires an on-site consultation but can often be a win-win situation. Contact us.

2. Keeping bees on your property. 5-20 acres. Your land can quality for Special Agricultural Valuation for keeping honeybees – we offer advice, counsel and management.

3. Helping you keep bees through mentorship and management.

We partner with locals to keep bee hives across the Brazos Valley. By partnering with us we offer information about beekeeping and apiary management. We have the resources and knowledge to help our local partners succeed in bee keeping and enjoy the benefits of hosting a hive. These benefits include but are not limited to hyperlocal honey (most people’s favorite), stewardship of the environment, and of course the joys of beekeeping 🙂

Did you know that you can keep bees for an Agricultural Exemption in Texas? We’re here to help you through the process of getting an Agricultural Exemption for Beekeeping in and offer a Rent-A-Hive programs for those who want an exemption without the extensive work of beekeeping. If you’re interested in having the Ag Exemption and doing the work yourself, we’re happy to help you get started – we offer bee packages and starter packs to help you get started.

Keeping bees alive is a tough job – it requires monitoring of their forage and food sources, attention to detail about the health of the hive internally, and the knowledge to correct problems when they arise. 44% of hives are lost annually (as reported by beekeepers) and we offer guarantees on our rented hives to maintain Agricultural Exemption minimums for your land.

Again – please contact us with any questions and we can customize our service to your needs.