Hive Services

We offer several bee services that are aimed to help bee lovers, beginner beekeepers or even beekeepers wanting to learn a new skill. We are constantly adding new services so if you have a need – feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help.

  • Agricultural Exemption Services – we provide the bees, you provide the land. Explore this program to see if your property qualifies.¬†
  • Pollination Services – If you have crops or gardens this service will help you produce more fruit and vegetables. Our bees are naturally amazing pollinators and we’ll rent out hives to you for pollination.
  • Tour our Farm – join our interactive learning adventures¬†
  • Hive Inspections & Maintenance – if you have your own bees and would like some extra hands or help, we’re here for that. Our professional beekeepers can help you to harvest honey, inspect hives, feed bees, and more.¬†