Hive Services

We offer several bee services that are aimed to help bee lovers, beginner beekeepers or even beekeepers wanting to learn a new skill. We are constantly adding new services so if you have a need – feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help.

  • Agricultural Exemption Services – we’ll help you go through the process of getting your land agriculturally exempt for beekeeping
  • Beekeepers Mentorship Program – our beekeepers will help you install and maintain your new hive and offer continued advice. We prefer in person mentorships but can also do online mentorships using Skype or Facetime.
  • Host A Hive – This service is currently located only within Bryan/College Station. Local bee lovers that want to help save the bees but do not want to maintain a hive, we have you covered. We’ll do all maintenance, honey harvesting, and upkeep for you and offer the “goods of the hive” back to you at a discount.
  • Pollination Services – If you have crops or gardens this service will help you produce more fruit and vegetables. Our bees are naturally amazing pollinators and we’ll rent out hives to you for pollination.