Ivy & Cash – March 2022

Available to go to their forever homes mid-May

Meet Ivy’s first litter! The babies were born on March 28, 2022. Mama Ivy is taking to her babies perfectly and is both protective and caring – she dotes on her babies and barely leaves their side. Ivy became an instant mama when she had her first little girl. We know she’ll be a natural as she’s enjoyed being “nanny” to her siblings. (Aloe and Beasley’s litters)

Update 4/9/22: babies are growing and mama Ivy is taking great care of them. She’s been loving being a mom and is an absolute natural. Her loving personality comes with lots of extra attention and kisses for her pups.

Update 4/13/22: Pups got to play outside with their twin litter (Aloe and Beasley’s babies) and enjoyed napping in the dappled sunlight under a tree. We finally got to take video of each pup – we’ve been busy keeping everybody super cozy and playing with these precious babies.

AVAILABLE – Marigold, Female, Red & White

Marigold is a sweet and independent pup – she is often found wandering away from her sisters to nap in a full-sploot in her own space. Third born baby – Red & White born at .33 kg she will be a mostly solid face red like her mama

TAKENFern, Female Tri-color

This pretty little lady is an absolute pleasure. She’s chill and snuggly and enjoys time with her siblings. This is Ivy’s first born baby – Tricolor born at .35 kg her markings are symmetrical on her face with two little white whisker cheeks and a partial collar on her neck

TAKEN – Dahlia, Female Tri-color

AVAILABLE Dahlia – Female – Second born baby – Tricolor born at .33 kg her markings are white around her mouth and cheeks and a white spot on the back of her neck.