Fall 2022 Corgis

Mama aloe with her 7 pups the day after they were born.

Litter Update Dec 14: The pups have grown up so much this week! They’re exploring, playing, and getting super fast with the zoomies! They got their shots on Monday and have been doing so well.

Litter Update Dec 7: We are working hard to get the pups ready and to help them have an easier transition into their new homes. They have been exposed to vacuum cleaners, the outside, cats, other dogs, and running around and playing on their own. The week has been filled with lots of adventures! They’re beginning to eat crunchy puppy food but still nurse frequently (more for comfort than sustenance). I will be sending out care and transition instructions soon to everybody, I haven’t set dates for pick up primarily because I’m waiting to see how well they’re doing on their own before setting a day for them to be ready at six weeks.

Litter Update Dec 2: The pups are starting to eat more puppy porridge, explore, play with toys, tackle and play with each other and mama Aloe. They are growing and somewhat predictable – they play, nap, eat, nap and repeat. The corgi loafs are growing fast and turning into little adventure-loving pups.

Litter Update Nov. 22: All the pups have been claimed and are growing big and strong for their new homes. We’re so excited to share our little corgi muffins with these awesome people. The pups can hear and see and are even experimenting with their voices a little bit. I’ll post some videos of the munchkins wobbling around – they’re beginning to walk with purpose.

Litter Update Nov. 17: The pups are now two weeks old and they’re beginning to open their eyes. Their room is kept on low light and a super cozy puppy temperature as they learn to maneuver around. They are starting to figure out the difference between human friends and “mom”. The little loafs are getting bigger – they’ll be upgraded into their new pen by next week for sure.

Litter Update Nov 9: The pups are eating well, mama is doing great, and the babies are learning to crawl around in search of sibling snuggles and food. They’re all gaining weight, and seem super relaxed and stress-free. They’re often caught splooting, laying on their backs, and looking completely unbothered. Two sweet babies have been claimed.

Nov 2: It’s time to meet our newest pups! Mama Aloe is doing great and enjoying her time with the pups. They’re all eating well and staying cozy with their siblings. So far it’s just lots of sleeping and eating while they’re doted on by their mom.

Litter Photo Updates


Luca (aka Ash) – Male, Tri-color

11/17 Update: Little Luca has little nose freckles and eyebrows coming in. He is such a calm and cozy guy. He melts into your hands as you hold him and loves to be close to his siblings.

11/13 Update: Ash was claimed today and renamed Luca! He’s excited to join a corgi loving family!

11/12 Update: Ash and his sister Raven are tough to tell apart sometimes – they both enjoy sleeping stacked with a few litter mates.

11/1 Update: First born pup of the Fall litter he’s named after the first trees to lose their leaves. He came out calm and cool and then cheered his siblings on. He’s got a collar with an arrow on the back of his neck. Born 10:45 PM on Nov 1, he weighed in at .29 kg.


Ryoko (aka Boo) – Fem ale, Tri-color

12/2: We have absolutely loved watching Boo learn to walk and play – she enjoys toys and sibling playtime. There. are still lots of naps and snuggles between pouncing on the siblings.

11/17 Update: Boo has a cute black nose to contrast her white muzzle. She is a snuggler but also can be found sprawled out on her own. They’ve got a very cozy, warm room so she’s basking like summertime.

11/12 Update: Boo is easy to spot with her unique markings – she can be seen snuggled up or sleeping on her back with her legs in the air.

11/1 Update: 3rd born. Boo has a swirl on her face/nose and a swirly collar. She was named for her ghostly markings and her Day of The Dead birthday. Born at 11:35 PM Nov 1. Weighed in at .31 kg at birth.


Cookie Dough (aka Toddy) – Male – Red & White

12/2: Toddy is the calm, sweet boy of the litter. He is a little timid compared to his wild siblings and is still learning the world around him. He is an absolute sweetheart and gives the best little snuggles and kisses. I expect he’ll be a late bloomer, enjoy naps and adventures, and appreciate a good cuddle session.

11/17: We love Toddy boy – he is such a calm and cool guy. He loves to sleep and is actuallyl one of the smaller corgi pups (no promises he’ll stay that way, we have seen late bloomers 😉

11/12 Update: The only red & white boy for this litter, Toddy is a chunky and super snuggly guy.

11/2 Update – 4th born. Sweet baby boy came out ready for love, he immediately looked for milk from mama while getting cleaned up. His markings include a triangle nose, chunky half collar and thin ring on the other half. Born at 12:05 AM Nov 2. Weighed in at .30 kg at birth.


Raven – Female, Tri-color

12/2: Raven loves to play with her siblings and has the sweetest spunky personality. She loves toys and tug of war and is clever and playful.

11/17 Update: Raven is a sweet and comfortable little lady – she is beginning to open up her eyes and really loves nuzzles and kisses.

11/12 Update: Raven looks a lot like her brother Ash and is often the first to find mama when she climbs into the puppy pen. She enjoys snuggling up and getting soft pets.

Nov 2 Update: 5th born. With a white strip down her face and a full collar with a swirl pointing towards her head. She was born at 12:30 AM Nov. 2. Weighed in at .30 kg at birth


Lucy (aka Cider) – Female, Red & White

12/2: Cider loves playing with siblings, snuggling with humans, and playing with toys. She has been trotting and playing around the pen and still loves to puppy pile during nap time.!

11/17 Update: Cider is enjoying life in her cozy corner of the world. She is opening her eyes and navigating a little more intentionally.

11/12 Update: Cider met her mom today! She enjoyed snuggles with humans and sleeping on the bottom of the puppy pile today.

11/1 Update: Second born, Cider is the first female of the litter. She has a beautiful white color and a triangle on the top of her nose. Born at 11:05pm. Weighed in at .29 kg


Dumpling (aka Autumn) – Female, Red & White

12/2 Update: Autumn has officially been named Dumpling by her mom – she is a sweet and snuggly girl. She’s been exploring her voice and has cute little barks and growls when reacting to her playful siblings.

11/17 Update: Autumn was trying to stand properly on her back feet today! She may be the first to walk around on those short little legs at this rate 🙂

11/12 Update: Autumn met her mom today! She is such a sweet and snuggly girl and is already splooting while getting cozy in the pen.

Nov 2 Update: 6th Born. With a solid red body, white socks, a white-tipped tail and a small spot on her shoulders, this little golden lady is the smallest of the litter. Born at 1:00 AM on Nov 2. Weighed in at .25 kg at birth.


Maple – Female, Red & White

11/17 Update: Maple is often seen relaxing and basking in a warm cozy corner or under the blankets. She is beginning to open her eyes and loves nose nuzzles.

11/12: Maple has come a long way – she was the slowest to put on weight at first but she’s caught up to her siblings. She loves to be the top of the puppy pile.

Nov 2 Update: 7th Born pup and the last one. Maple has an arrowhead-shaped collar. Born at 1:50 AM Weighed in at .29 kg at birth.