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What Is Professional Bee Removal?

Professional bee removal is an alternative pest control services to poisoning a bee hive that is a nuisance. While today’s honey bees are not a native species to the United States, they have naturalized to our environment and wild colonies can easily set up… Continue Reading “What Is Professional Bee Removal?”

Bees for Agricultural Valuation in Texas

In the state of Texas, landowners that keep bees on their property can qualify for tax savings through a “Special Land Valuation” also commonly miscalled an “Ag Exemption” by many landowners and farmers. If you own 5-20 qualifying acres (not including the homestead) then… Continue Reading “Bees for Agricultural Valuation in Texas”

Professional Bee Removal FAQs

In Texas, a beekeeper can professionally remove and relocate a live bee hive from a structure without a pest control license. Professional bee removal is a tough job. A true professional will have knowledge of construction, tools to complete the job, safety equipment to… Continue Reading “Professional Bee Removal FAQs”

11 Quick Tips for Starting a Bountiful Garden

gardening tools on wooden bench in yard

We’re so excited to host this article written by Carrie Spencer of Thespencersadventures.net – her family has worked towards a self-sufficient homestead and we’re lucky to have her share the insights they’ve gained from their family adventures on the mini-farm! So, you’re ready to… Continue Reading “11 Quick Tips for Starting a Bountiful Garden”

TBA Update – December

Wow. I am truly blown away by the support and feedbackI’ve received in the wake of the amazing 2019 Convention. I feelhonored to be TBA President and am grateful for the supportiveexecutive committee I have around me. I have huge shoes to fillin place… Continue Reading “TBA Update – December”