Category: Treatment Free Beekeeping

Treatment free beekeeping is a combination of diligent management and survival of the fittest. The theory is to raise survivor stock while also encouraging the best honey bees traits (honey production, hygiene, temperament) to dominate.

Swarm Control Splits

How to perform a “swarm control split” the easy way.

Checkerboarding Basics

Simple guide to the beekeeper’s friend – the Checker-boarding technique!

Moldy Hive. Now What?

What causes mold in a beehive and how to deal with moldy honeycomb frames.

A Texan’s Guide to the Beekeeper’s Year

Here’s a VERY simple guide for activities throughout the year of a Texas beekeeper.

Our First Shake Bees

We had our first “shake bee” commercial beekeeping experience – selling packages to fill hobby beekeeper’s hives this spring.