Category: Treatment Free Beekeeping

Treatment free beekeeping is a combination of diligent management and survival of the fittest. The theory is to raise survivor stock while also encouraging the best honey bees traits (honey production, hygiene, temperament) to dominate.

Treatment vs. Treatment-Free Beekeeping

Should you be a treatment-free beekeeper? Should you treat your bees for diseases and pests? What approach works best and is proven?

Honey Bee Varieties

Learning about the different honey bee varieties can help you better understand bees and what bees will work for your environment.

Bees For Sale

We select our nucs from strong, well-mated and successful queens. We also test the bees for temperament and although these are hybrid bees (like all/most bees in Texas) we want to be sure we’re providing manageable bees to our customers and clients.

Holistic Beekeeping Practices

The organic, natural approach is different than putting your bees in a box and letting them fend for themselves, it involves monitoring, requeening when necessary, and other mechanical methods rather than chemical for manipulating the hives.

Pesticides – Negative Impact

Pesticides damage the bees’ ability to survive, gather food, pollinate, and produce honey. There are steps we can take to help protect the bees.