These are slightly more detailed collection of articles with specific instructions on how to do things around the apiary.

  • Small Colonies – Defense Challenges

    As we get into the dearth, it is important to evaluate your colony space, size, and health and take extra precautions when feeding and inspecting.

  • How To Store Empty Supers

    Why can't you just leave unused honeycomb in your garage or shop for the winter? We'll tell you all about it.

  • Tips for Moving Bees

    We were recently asked for a few tips on relocating bees in their hives to a new locations. You may need to move them to a new yard, relocate them to a different property, load bees up for pollination, or…

  • Replacing A Queen

    Replacing a queen with success requires a little preparation and the right tools. Queen bees are too expensive to lose to user error.

  • Adventures in Sidelining

    Our adventure continues as we went on our first trip to pollinate almonds this year. We tagged along this year and sent about 80 hives as part of a larger load...