Category: Commercial Beekeeping

Since commercial beekeeping is often a different approach to the average backyard beekeeper, we’ve decided to devote a section of our website just to this approach as it works for us.

Tips for Moving Bees

We were recently asked for a few tips on relocating bees in their hives to a new locations. You may need to move them to a new yard, relocate them to a different property, load bees up for pollination, or removing them from a property. Here are some “best practices” for moving bees

Bees For Sale

We select our nucs from strong, well-mated and successful queens. We also test the bees for temperament and although these are hybrid bees (like all/most bees in Texas) we want to be sure we’re providing manageable bees to our customers and clients.

Imported Honey 

The U.S., at the expense of beekeepers, imports about 350 million pounds of honey every year.

Checkerboarding Basics

Simple guide to the beekeeper’s friend – the Checker-boarding technique!

I Was Tricked Into Becoming a Beekeeper

The truth is – although I’ve always loved bees, I never really thought I’d become a beekeeper. Here’s how that changed pretty quickly.