Category: Bee Facts

Learning something new every day is a motto we live by. Constantly listening to podcasts, watching Youtube, networking with other successful beekeepers allows us to easily learn something new every day.

Bee Attractants

Whether you want to attract bees to your garden to help pollinate, or you would like to attract a new hive of bees to live in your managed apiary, there are several things you can do to try and get the bees where you want them.

Bee Biology – Stinger

Interesting facts and photos of bee stingers.

About Honeycomb

How do bees make wax? What do they use it for? What can we use it for? We explore the interesting facts about wax and honeycomb!

5 Eyes – A Study

Bees have amazing vision that is very different from ours – here’s how they work!

Basics of Apitherapy

The list of medical and therapeutic uses of bee venom, propolis, honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly is shockingly long. Apitherapy is…