Category: Bee Facts

Learning something new every day is a motto we live by. Constantly listening to podcasts, watching Youtube, networking with other successful beekeepers allows us to easily learn something new every day.

Honey Bee Varieties

Learning about the different honey bee varieties can help you better understand bees and what bees will work for your environment.

Amazing Honey Bee Facts

Here are a few of our favorite honey bee facts.

Beekeeping History – Evolution of a Backyard Art

The history of beekeeping has evolved over the past 8000 years into the backyard art and industry we know today.

Bee Behavior – Cleansing Flights

Bees go on cleansing flights for the same reason we had outhouses and designed indoor plumbing – so they aren’t living in pile of their own, literal, filth.

Pesticides – Negative Impact

Pesticides damage the bees’ ability to survive, gather food, pollinate, and produce honey. There are steps we can take to help protect the bees.