Category: Bee Facts

Learning something new every day is a motto we live by. Constantly listening to podcasts, watching Youtube, networking with other successful beekeepers allows us to easily learn something new every day.

Super Superorganisms

Honey bees are fascinating superorganisms. What does that mean exactly?!

Replacing A Queen

Replacing a queen with success requires a little preparation and the right tools. Queen bees are too expensive to lose to user error.

Deformed Wing Virus

Deformed Wing Virus - Honey Bee

Even though DWV is incurable, beekeepers can deploy preventative measures – learning to recognize the virus and best management practices can help your colony recover.

Drone Pheromone

Drones produce a specific pheromone that can help distinguish them from worker bees and queen bees. Here’s how it works.

Brood Recognition Pheromone

Brood recognition pheromone plays a large part in the health of a honey bee colony.