Category: Bee Behavior

Bee behavior is a fascinating topic and new studies are done to expand our knowledge of the animal kingdom every day. Honeybees have a variety of impressive behaviors that make them an ideal subject to study – plus, this allows us to share some of our videos of these crazy behaviors.

Bee Behavior – Festooning

Observing bee behavior is one of the most special parts of beekeeping. The “festooning” behavior is a personal favorite as the bees look like tiny acrobats in a crazy circus.

Bee Behavior – Fanning

Fanning isn’t just used as a homing signal the forager bees back home, it is also used to regulate the temperature inside the hive by circulating air through the hive. Although it looks completely different, the air circulation fanning behavior helps to evaporate the water off the nectar stores and reduce the water content in the nectar to safely store it as honey.