Category: Bee Behavior

Bee behavior is a fascinating topic and new studies are done to expand our knowledge of the animal kingdom every day. Honeybees have a variety of impressive behaviors that make them an ideal subject to study – plus, this allows us to share some of our videos of these crazy behaviors.

Drone Pheromone

Drones produce a specific pheromone that can help distinguish them from worker bees and queen bees. Here’s how it works.

Brood Recognition Pheromone

Brood recognition pheromone plays a large part in the health of a honey bee colony.

Bee Behavior – Cleansing Flights

Bees go on cleansing flights for the same reason we had outhouses and designed indoor plumbing – so they aren’t living in pile of their own, literal, filth.

Bee Biology – Stinger

Interesting facts and photos of bee stingers.

Flight School – Orientation Flights

Flight school and orientation flights can often be confused with swarming. Learn about this behavior and how to recognize it.