Category: Backyard Apiary

This section tailors to the backyard beekeeper and basic apiary information. We explore strategies, definitions, and the basics of beekeeping in this topic.

Bees For Sale

We select our nucs from strong, well-mated and successful queens. We also test the bees for temperament and although these are hybrid bees (like all/most bees in Texas) we want to be sure we’re providing manageable bees to our customers and clients.

Urban & Backyard Beekeeping

Here are some simple tips to managing your bees hive in urban and backyard areas.

Top Bar Hive – Rescue Bar

Using a rescue bar to start off your top bar hive can go a long way in helping the bees make a new home. 

Imported Honey 

The U.S., at the expense of beekeepers, imports about 350 million pounds of honey every year.

Bee Attractants

Whether you want to attract bees to your garden to help pollinate, or you would like to attract a new hive of bees to live in your managed apiary, there are several things you can do to try and get the bees where you want them.