Category: Backyard Apiary

This section tailors to the backyard beekeeper and basic apiary information. We explore strategies, definitions, and the basics of beekeeping in this topic.

Honey: The Super Skin Food

Honey is an amazing skin treatment and, you can create a honey salve that works for any skin type and just about any skin situation. 

Hive Maintenance – Sanitation

Sanitation in your apiary aids in the biosecurity of the hive and promotes overall health for your honey bee friends.

Making Beautiful Wax

I spent some time watching YouTube videos and looking up tips and tricks for rendering beautiful wax and this lady has all the facts.

Varroa Management Through Screened Bottom Boards

The theory behind this method is to allow the mites that fall off of their host bees to fall through the mesh and out of the hive. 

Installing Your New Bees

Here is a short instructional on installing your Package Bees or Nucleus Colony.