What Is Professional Bee Removal? Beekeeping Heroes: Relocating Bees from Structures to Our Apiary – A Buzzworthy Endeavor!

Professional bee removal is an alternative pest control services to poisoning a bee hive that is a nuisance. While today’s honey bees are not a native species to the United States, they have naturalized to our environment and wild colonies can easily set up a new home in a tree, wall of a building, or any other cavity that they can access.

Professional bee removal is the process of taking these bees out of your home, tree, or other structure and relocating them into a bee hive for a beekeeper to continue managing the bees. This process is difficult work – it requires skill to remove the bees, construction knowledge, and honey bee management skills to get the bees back into health.

In most cases, bees can be safely relocated, however, there are exceptions where a relocation is not the best option. We will always put human safety first and will evaluate the feasibility of removing a bee hive based on location, honey bee temperament, and threat to humans around the hive. If the bees have been a threat to humans, livestock, or pets, we will evaluate the bees to see if their aggression is

How do you keep honey bee colonies out of your home? Well, the best thing to do is look to exclude them. This is a similar process to what pest control professionals will do with rats, mice, and other pests. It starts by looking for vulnerable spots within your structure – once these areas are identified a contractor will work with you to eliminate access to your home by sealing up gaps and holes, repairing wood rot, and any other area of risk. In cases where exclusions have been done by our company, we guaranty the work for a set time and if bees do enter the property, we would remove them at no charge.

Prime Bees offers professional bee removal and relocation in the Brazos County area as well as surrounding areas within Central Texas. As members of multiple state clubs, active members in bee removal discussions, and a company that strives to improve their skills on a regular basis through experience, books, networking, and hours spent watching Youtube videos on construction.

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    I’m glad you mentioned that the act of getting these bees out of your house, tree, or other structure and placing them in a bee hive is known as professional bee removal. I wanted professional exterminators remove these bees on the hollowed tree in the backyard but I’m scared they’ll be killed. It’s great that they relocate them somewhere they can thrive so I better call bee control service immediately.

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