Bee Removals in Bryan

We’ve been so excited to have an opportunity to help relocate rescued bees this year. The amount of people who care enough about the bees to relocate them rather than spray or kill them has been increasing and we’re so thankful.

There are so many great resources for bee removals in Bryan and College Station area and we love that we’ve been able to partner with bee removal specialists all over Texas. When deciding whether to use pest control or professional honey bee specialists, make sure you weigh the pros and cons and consider the benefits bees bring to our environment in the form of pollination and allergy relief.

Here are a few of the removals we’ve done in the past month or two:

  • Removing bees out of an old wine barrell
  • Removing an established colony from a planter box or pot (about 4 of these)
  • Removing bees from a water meter (several of these also)
  • Free removals of bee swarms throughout the Brazos County area
  • Removing a large hive from under a pier and beam home
  • Removing bees from the soffit of a home
  • Removing bees from inside of a tree (several of these as well – but we only advise this if the tree is being removed or the bees are bothering the residents)
  • Swarms during the Harvey Storm – probably forced out of their homes due to flooding.

I’m certain this is not a comprehensive list, but I love sharing the scope of work that is done around the Bryan / College Station area with bee removals.

These removals were made possible by caring clients that wanted to help save the bees. We charge fair rates for the labor, time, equipment put into saving the bees and are happy to offer free quotes.

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