Bees For Sale

We’ve had a great year of building up bees and that means we have bees to share. If you’re looking to purchase bees in the Bryan and College Station area – we have bees for sale.

We will begin to take preorders for Spring 2018 and have a few summer nucleus colonies to sell this year as well.

What to know about our nucs:

  • They are treatment free, strong bees.
  • They have open-mated BeeWeaver queens.
  • They come with 4 frames and an optional in-hive feeder
  • Schedule a time for pickup

We select our nucs from strong, well-mated and successful queens. We also test the bees for temperament and although these are hybrid bees (like all/most bees in Texas) we want to be sure we’re providing manageable bees to our customers and clients. Unfortunately, as with the nature of bees, we cannot provide guarantees on survival, however, we would like to give our bees the best possible chance. So, keeping that in mind, please take the following tips and utilize them when picking up new nucs.

Installing a nucleus colony is pretty simple. Here are your recommended steps:

  • After you’ve made it home with your nucleus colony. Place them, in their nuc, on top of the hives you plan to install them into.
  • Wait 12-48 hours with the nucleus colony open (so bees can come and go) before moving the frames into the new box.
  • Now, it’s time for the install…
  • Use a light burst of smoke to calm your bees and move the nucleus to the ground near your colony.
  • Remove the frames from the new box leaving it empty and with plenty of room to work with.
  • Gently lift the frames, one at a time out of the nucleus colony and place them into the center of the new hive – leaving space on either side to place your remaining frames in after the bees have been moved.
  • Properly place all missing frames in your new box
  • Smoke and put the lid back on.
  • Leave the bees alone for at least 5-7 days before opening and checking them again.
  • If there is not a good nectar flow on, be prepared to give them a little boost of 1:1 sugar syrup in order promote comb production in the empty frames.

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  1. Bonnie Wells Avatar
    Bonnie Wells

    Hi, are y’all taking orders for bees for 2018?

    1. primebees Avatar

      Yes! You can pickup April 20 and we will be in touch regarding pickup time. 🙂

  2. Rick Avatar

    I want too buy
    2018 281-659-7030 rick

    1. primebees Avatar

      Rick, we are almost sold out, how many would you like? You can also email us at hello@primebees.com

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