The Dirtiest Bee Suit

We once heard an old beekeeper say that “if you have a beekeeping question you should find the person with the dirtiest suit.”

It seems like such a profound statement in the moment, but since then we’ve realized that it couldn’t be more true, and not for the reasons we were originally expecting. Beekeeping is a complex hobby, and for some, a complex job. The “dirtiest suit” seems synonymous with experience and usually is. And what experience tends to mean in beekeeping is the person who has made the most mistakes. I mean this in the most positive way possible.

As a beekeeper, you’re bound to make some serious mistakes that lead to a pretty steep learning curve. Like anything, the mistakes are often going to teach you more then when everything is going “the right way”.

This is obviously not a super informative blog post, but rather an observation of the beekeeping world and maybe even the world in general. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as long as you choose to learn from them, they lead to a better you. 

Mistakes and beekeeping unfortunately can meme that bees died or were lost, I encourage you to work through these setbacks and become a better beekeeper rather than getting discouraged.

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