Brazos County Bee Removal

It’s swarm season and we’re getting calls to remove bees from homes and structures throughout Aggieland. It’s always a little different experience but we’re lucky to have learned a lot.

We get calls for Bryan Texas Bee Removals daily this time of year and it’s important for us to help as many people as we can.

Our friend Steve Butler from Company Bee Removal is a specialist for bee removals. He has the patience to help remove the bees with as little stress as possible. It’s amazing to watch him sift through bees and find the queen.

If you’re looking to have a colony of bees removed from your property – there’s a few questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer:

1. How high off the ground are they?
2. How big is the hive swarm, basketball, football, softball sized? (can’t always know for sure)
3. How long have they been there?
4. Are they on your property?
5. Can you send me a picture of the bees?
6. Are they hanging in a bush or tree or on the side of of a solid surface? Are they in a cluster or spread more flat?
7. Or… are they coming and going from the a hole in a building, tree, or from the ground?

If you choose to use a swarm to get started in beekeeping – that’s awesome! “Free bees” are a great way for a hobbyist to experiment. Finding a swarm can be a great way to begin beekeeping, however, you’ve got to know a few things before you get started. First, feed them. A new swarm will need to create comb to live in and for the queen to lay eggs. This takes a tremendous amount of energy and will require carbohydrates that bees normally get from nectar of plants. The bees secrete the wax from their bodies so this is an extremely taxing process. During their “build time” they’ll appreciate any extra sugar you can spare. Also, you’ll want to use a queen excluder to keep them in their new appointed home for a couple of days (up to a week).

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