Farm Tours

We offer 2-hour tours of our bee farm. This includes hands-on experience and learning. We call it a party tour because it sounds more fun but, simply put, it’s an opportunity to explore the world of beekeeping without too much technical jargon.

This is perfect for any age and skill level and is a fun experience for all ages. Since we’re working with live bees, every experience is different so we have many people who come to these tours time and time again. Bring a friend or come solo, either way, you’ll have a blast!

What to expect at your farm tour class?

  • 1 hour classroom followed by hands-on experience in our bee yard
  • No class is the same due to the different hive issues we may encounter
  • Classroom topics:
    • Bee biology and lifecycle
    • Basic history of beekeeping
    • Why bees are important
    • The science behind pollination
    • Alternative pollinators
    • How to help save the bees and other pollinators
    • A glimpse at day in the life of a bee farmer
    • The bee hive structure and organization
    • Queen spotting

This is a more generalized class to appeal to all levels of beekeepers and bee friendlies. Our goal in providing these tours is to raise awareness of pollinators as well as to meet our local community, beekeepers, and keep an open dialogue about beekeeping. It’s a fulfilling hobby and career.

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